We Brand Innovation

Who We Are

We’re Executors.  Our entire team has global business experience and has lived and done business in multiple countries.  We all come together in our belief results are best had in forming and nurturing long-term, strategic partnerships where everyone has vested interest and a clear plan of attack.

What We Do

We identify product and service innovation opportunities and then work with world-class manufacturers and service providers to design and execute solutions.  We then create and manage a brand to harness long-term equity, adding value to our clients and distributors.

Why We Invest

We believe the only way to ensure long-term success in a hostile business environment is to build a strong brand that’s known for its innovation, transparency and efficiency.

Our Companies & Investments

SECURE Tool Company invents tools that create safer, more productive work environments.  Our tools are sold through our eCommerce platform, SECUREtool.Store, as well as through brands such as AutoZone, Redneck Trailer Supplies, Nationwide Trailers, Vikingo and more.  Through these partnerships, we reach over 20,000 retail locations and growing.

Website: SECUREtool.Store

SECURE Delivery is a vertically integrated trucking operation that services drivers, shippers and brokerages.  We provide financial services, equipment rental and dispatching services.

Website: https://securetool.store/secure-delivery

Smolak Supply Chain Management provides global clients with customized supply chain solutions for the planning, setup and operation of sourcing, purchasing and logistics.

Domina Luxe is a black-owned enterprise that works toward the gentrification of low-income black neighborhoods by providing affordable, modular, smart living spaces as well as small commercial establishments.  The entire supply chain is composed of black-owned businesses of which we have a minority stake.

Daisy Financial is lending institution that provides financing services to manufacturers, importers and distributors for the purchasing of products and materials.  They also do their part to rebuild America by incubating small businesses.

VeChain (VET), has innovative use-cases for applying blockchain technology to global supply chains to increase transparency, efficiency and track environmental impacts.  We are long-term holders of the VET and continue to accumulate coins.

AnyStrike creates innovative equipment and products that optimize the performance and careers of combat athletes and other Warriors through innovations in training equipment, personal brand development and nutrition.

Website: AnyStrike.com

Bluesman Legacy Moonshine is the culmination of two of the South’s greatest traditions; Blues Music and Moonshine.  This 150-year-old moonshine recipe embodies the intersection of these two staples of Southern history and culture.  We maintain a minority stake in this black-owned enterprise.

Past Investments

MFG Revolution is a supply chain management company that works directly with manufacturers to engineer and develop innovative products across a wide range of industries.

Website: mfgrevolution.com

Hyperion Webbing is a global manufacturer of cargo control, lifting & rigging and personal safety equipment such as lifting slings, ratchet tie-downs and fall protection harnesses.  In addition to standard product lines, they specialize in creating custom product solutions for a broad range of industries and uses.

Website: Hyperionwebbing.com

TatuIt.Studio provides consumers and businesses with the ability to create customized logos and designs that can then be affixed to a range of apparel and equipment from shoes to hardhats.

Website:  TatuIt.Studio

Smolak China is the China-focused import/export arm of Smolak Industries.  Through this entity, we provide sourcing, production and supply chain management services for exporting companies.  We also help importing companies navigate legal compliance and distribution challenges in China.
Helps multinational corporations overcome skill deficits in their workforce and fill mission-critical job roles through both standard training packages that instill industry-independent professional skills, as well as a customized approach to address companies’ unique requirements. Exit Method:  Sold
A Joint Venture with a leading Chinese furniture manufacturer.  KSMF provided an integrated solution for: In-store Design Management, Production Management & QC, as well as Logistics Management.  KSMF helped some of the world’s leading brands improve product quality and increase operational efficiency while simultaneously lowering project costs. Exit Method:  Divestment
EI Institute provided students with the knowledge, guidance, support, operational skills and ability to successfully embark on an entrepreneurial supply chain-focused career through hands-on experience in Nanjing, China. Exit Method:  Contract Expired
ProfessionalConnection.Biz is a network of comprehensive sources of curated business information and economic trends in state/provincial and local markets.  Every piece of curated news and information is rigorously subjected to the highest quality standards and is personally reviewed by experienced editors prior to publication to verify authenticity.
Provided custom solutions to handle all supply chain project phases, including design, implementation, management and operation.  Developed customized strategies using a process approach to fit the unique requirements of partners. Exit Method:  Converted to Internal Department
Fuze Lounge was a trendy, modern lounge in the heart of Nanjing, China, that fused Asian and Western bar culture, beverages and food.   Fuze catered to affluent Chinese and Western businessmen. Exit Method:  Sold

Meet the Team

Our diverse, globally experienced team works hand-in-hand with yours to achieve organizational objectives through Planning, Setup and Operations.

Adam-Paul Smolak

CEO & Chairman

Scott Holbrook

Business Development

William Taylor

VP of Food & Beverage

Aiyan Smolak

Sourcing Operations

Jacob A Miller

Supply Chain & Mfg

Dan Harris

Corporate Law

Bang Ju Young

SE Asia Distribution